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About us

               TWK STANDARD Company was founded on the base of hard work and experience of people who, through the years, have developed appropriate STANDARDS of activity not only on the economic but also on the social level, which allowed us to create a company with a family atmosphere.

               Our company is first of all the people who create it, who work in it, who identify with it. More than 30 years of work experience and experience passed on to the next generation, opened the door for new projects.

               Waste management, in its broadest sense, has become a defining activity both in the short and long term view. Cooperation in this area, from design to full-service waste management, with companies and local governments throughout the country has shaped the company's current business profile.

Today, TWK STANDAR is one of the main manufacturers of recycled plastic products. One of our main strengths is flexibility - adapting to customer requirements. Each inquiry is considered individually - subjected to a deep analysis, both from the side of the Customer and the Manufacturer.

Why us?

Customer service

Excellent quality

Sustainable development

Availability and convenience



We provide exceptional fast and professional support for each of our clients

In 1st place we put the quality of our products and services 

We care about the environment, work ethics and the community

We offer convenient channels for purchasing and using our products 

We have specialist extensive knowledge that allows perform tasks effectively

We provide personalized solutions for each of our clients 

Jako firma odpowiedzialna społecznie, aktywnie uczestniczymy w rozmaitych akcjach i wydarzeniach. Przykładem tu może służyć zasponsorowanie naszych desek na ławki do Szkoły Specjalnej nr 7 w Będzinie :)


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